AFS Surf foil

1.400,00 incl. BTW

de foil om te gebruiken bij het windsurfen surfen en sup foiling

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Surf at the pure state

The AFS Surf is pushing the limits of surf foil that you have discovered so far.
Not only it starts very early on the slightest wave, is handy, but in addition it is ultra accessible. It opens the doors of this practice to the greatest number.
With AFS Surf you discover new sensations, exploit the smallest swell, surf, SUP, downwind, whatever your spot.
Developed in Brittany by the pioneers of SUP foil, it works on all wave powers, and not only on Atlantic waves.

Tech specs

  • lengte shaft : 730 mm

  • Lengte fuselage : 725 mm

  • Envergure Ailes avant : 800mm

  • Construction : Full carbon